The Art of Deduction - 36th Edition

The Art of Deduction - 36th Edition

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The Art of Deduction: Income Taxation for Performing, Visual, Literary and All Other Creative Artists Revised for the 2013 Tax Year In its 36th edition, this is a unique tax preparation guide for the creative arts community. Covers the following topics: a€c Significant Tax Law Changes for 2012 a€c Who Must File an Income Tax Return? a€c What is Gross Income? a€c What Can Be Deducted from Gross Income as Business Deductions? a€c What Can Be Deducted from Adjusted Gross Income as Personal Deductions? a€c How Do You Compute Your Income Taxes? a€c California is (as usual) a Little Different! a€c What--More Taxes? a€c Beyond the Scope: Incorporation, Partnerships, LLC's?aˆ—You have received credit of firsttime homebuyer claimed for 2008. If you purchased the home in 2008 and you ownedit and usedit as your main home during all of 2009 and 2010, repayment ofthe credit over 15years will begin with your2010anbsp;...

Title:The Art of Deduction - 36th Edition
Author:California Lawyers for the Arts
Publisher:California Lawyers for the Arts - 2014-12-11


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