The art of 3-D

The art of 3-D

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The complete state-of-the-art guide to 3-D computer animation and imaging. Essential for visual effects production, computer games, online interactive multimedia, and more! Incorporating the latest computer animation techniques and technology, this outstanding guide offers clear step-by-step coverage of the entire process of creating a fully rendered 3-D computer still image or animation from modeling and rendering to animation and compositing. Designed to work with any computer platform, the book cuts through the technical jargon and features hundreds of inspiring color images and easy-to-understand instructive diagrams many of them new from visual effects in movies, animated films, TV shows, and computer games. This edition has been fully revised and updated, including new material on the latest character and facial animation techniques and an overview of the digital production process, plus information on subdivision surfaces, image-based rendering, motion capture, and other current techniques. Whether you are a student, an independent artist or creator, or a production company team member, you'll find countless expert tips on how to improve the artistic and technical level of your 3-D computer animation. * Non-platform specific * 500 full-color images * Newest computer techniques * Practical, step-by-step approach * Up-to-date guide to Internet resources.... 79 Azimuth, 216 Azimuthal coordinate system, 80, 9 1 B Babylon 5, 22 Backdrops, flat projection for, 240 Back faces, 145 Background, ... 91, 192-193, 311, 313 Boss Films, 19 Boundary geometry techniques, 102 Boundary modeling technique, 96-97 Bounding boxes, 112, ... process of, 292 Character sheets, 56, 285 Character turnarounds, 56, 285-286 Cheats, 261-263 Children, 120-121, 321 China, anbsp;...

Title:The art of 3-D
Author:Isaac Victor Kerlow
Publisher:Wiley - 2000-05-11


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