The Arousal of Leviathan

The Arousal of Leviathan

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The Dark Gods are seething after the defeat of Lord Beelzebub and the destruction of the Devil Temple in Bengal. Prince Leviathan, an Aqueous God, and brother of Beelzebub is determined to get revenge. He is worshipped as God on Prasino Animos, a planet revolving round the Sun in the Constellation of Corvus. It is similar in atmosphere to Earth. The men are evil and cruel. Probes are sent to Earth, releasing Giants and Little Green Men in water areas, Loch Ness, Ullswater, and the Norfolk Broads. The public get the jitters and are terrified. They stay at home. There is no power, water, sanitation or food. Venus Defence send their Super Spy, Sreena, dyed the same green as the Prasinos. She has high intelligence and the courage of a lion. She sends data back to Venus twice a week by Scout Craft. They can reduce the journey to one day by Time and Space Warping. She reports that a major invasion of Earth is imminent. Hundreds of Space Craft attack the East Coast, and submerge off the coast of Norfolk. A Defence Front Line is manned by the Army and NATO Allies, Germany and France with a U.S.A. Aircraft Carrier supporting. The Defence Line with tremendous courage and determination hold back three waves of small attack craft, who send in hundreds of Giants and thousands of Little Green Men. Scientists devise unusual weapons to deal with them and defeat them. Venus Defence send attack craft to help the defenders. The Prasino Fleet vacate and return to their planet but most are destroyed in Space. Robert Renwick with his Venusian Comrade Yarno are landed on Prasino. They find Sreena and rescue her with other abductees and they are returned to safety.We were helped by a Secret U.S.A. Organisation called the Majestic Twelve, who liaise with Space Craft from other ... Beelzebub appeared as a giant bluebottle as big as a London Bus and stunk to high heaven. It was too terrifying to think about but somehow we bound them both on oath to stop their activities on Earth.

Title:The Arousal of Leviathan
Author:Charles. L. Orsborne
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-07


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