The Architect

The Architect

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Collin Stevens, a successful architect and widower, has a secret life. He is a member of a highly classified government agency of a€˜watchersa€™ called Sting. Now that his two daughters, Kelsey and Cindy, are grown; he thinks it might be time to start a new phase of his own life. Suddenly his family is pulled into danger from two rival drug cartels and an unknown enemy. Is it due to his secret life or is there more to it? Only his long time friend, Hector, and is new love interest, Jessie, can help him protect all those he loves.Joe smiled as he looked down at his car keys and remembered the remote starter his son had given him for fathera#39;s day. He hadna#39;t tried it out yet and this ... The sprinklers started to rain down on everything and several other car alarms were going off. Al, the garage attendant, ... You just stay put dona#39;t move. Here comes theanbsp;...

Title:The Architect
Author:Marsha Brooks
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-06-17


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