The Angel's Gambit

The Angel's Gambit

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In the third book of the Robin Oracle psychic detective series, strange psychic phenomena are happening all over town. At 9 PM, seemingly ordinary people suddenly burst into flame, others float into the sky, while others appear to lose their minds. A few people seem to go into a trance and walk out of their homes never to be seen again. Still others suddenly die for no apparent reason. Robin and Hawk's Heroes have to discover who or what's behind the bizarre events. The answer leads Robin to discover why he has psychic powers. Malissa's powers become stronger and new ones start to show themselves. Three new people join Hawk's Heroes.A hundred and fifty yards out from there is a solid brick wall, with electrified razor wire on the top. Another ... Finally two hundred yards out is the last chain link fence a€“ again exactly like the others. ... Frank rolled a large building schematic over.

Title:The Angel's Gambit
Author:Paul David Graham
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-08-20


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