The Angel Brings Fire Book 2 : Doubt Me Not

The Angel Brings Fire Book 2 : Doubt Me Not

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Doubt Me Not Book 2 of The Angel Brings Fire series The a€œDestroying Angela€, KarAcin-MayrAcij, has fallen to Earth after a near-fatal encounter with a Doomsday comet. She has saved the world from total destruction... but only at a fearful cost, for she is dazed, crippled, nearly powerless and, most of all... alone. Doubt Me Not describes the adventures of a now-humbled qStoried Watcherq, as she learns how to survive in the paranoid, oppressive United States of the near future. Along with a new-found lover and a befriended a€œfamilya€ drawn from the underclass, she's on the run, not only from the U.S. government but also from different enemies with even more sinister purposes. But KarAcin-MayrAcij isn't the only one who has been forever changed by her appearance upon the face of the Earth... the history of human evolution, will never be the same!a€œAnd Ia#39;m sure you are, but apart from the fact that the car wona#39;t start if you dona#39;t do it up, if we get stopped by the cops or the Army, I dona#39;t want to give them the ... Ita#39;s against the law to drive without seat belts, has been for thirty or more years a€“ how could you not... anyway. ... a€œWell, we can try a push start, a€ he suggested.

Title:The Angel Brings Fire Book 2 : Doubt Me Not
Author:Marcus Shields
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-02-03


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