The Ancient World (eBook)

The Ancient World (eBook)

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qThe Ancient Worldq (Paleolithic Agea€”500 B.C.) covers the period from the dark prehistory of the Paleolithic Age to the development of the earliest centers of civilization in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Indus Valley. The lives of hunter-gatherers, the agricultural revolution, and the rise of the world's first cities are all vividly depicted in this richly illustrated text. Challenging map exercises and provocative review questions encourage meaningful reflection and historical analysis. Tests and answer keys are included.K Part II. 1. C 2. E 3. I 4. K 5. A 6. F 7. H 8. D 9. J 10. B 11. G 12. L Part III. Answers will vary. Typical answers should include city systems, use of metals, use of wheel, specialization of labor, writing system, trade systems, ... sacrifice of animals and grains, priesthood; Canaanites: multiple gods, human sacrifices, priesthood; Persians: monotheism of Zoroastrianism (Ahura Mazda), concept of good and evil.

Title:The Ancient World (eBook)
Author:Tim McNeese
Publisher:Lorenz Educational Press - 1999-09-01


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