The Americanization of France

The Americanization of France

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This engaging, knowledgeable book traces the American path France has followed since resolving its searing Algerian conflict in 1962. Barnett Singer convincingly demolishes two pervasive clichAcs about modern France: first, that the country has never been fit to fight wars, including wars on terror; and second, that the French have always been and remain overwhelmingly anti-American. The end of the war led to an important sea change, clearing the way for France to embrace American culture, especially rock 'n' roll, and more generally, an American-style emphasis on personal happiness. The author argues that today's France, wounded by the loss of traditions and stability, is increasingly pro-American, clinging to trends from across the Atlantic as to a lifeline.Searching for Happiness After the Algerian War Barnett Singer ... Hi5 testimony for Paul PlAcnard, the police commissioner heading a secret service Renseignements CAcnAcraux (RC) branch in Savoyard ChambAcry, ... doctora#39;sa€ possessions a note with scribbled sumsa€”obviously related to the F LN collection process among Algerians in regional French factories. ... Mahdid also admitted giving his monthly dues for the FLN of two thousand (old) francs personally to his work friend, Lahira.

Title:The Americanization of France
Author:Barnett Singer
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2013


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