The Aggressively Submissive Hitch-Hiker

The Aggressively Submissive Hitch-Hiker

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After finding a young surgeon on the side of the interstate, eighteen year old Jake offers her a ride. She ran out of gas and just need a lift to and fro, so he didn't see any reason not to let her in his car. Jake is in for a nasty surprise though.... Once they go their separate ways this young woman tracks him down and slowly creeps her way into his life in all the wrong ways. Instead of a simple qHelloq she sits on the outskirts of a coffee shop he frequents and watches him as he reads a book. But she is determined to get his attention, and attempts to do so in the strangest way possible.... at a stop light it would jolt and jerk off the line, the check engine light indicated a leak in the E.V.A.P. system, an oxygen sensor, the catalyst threshold, oil pressure, and naturally problems with the fuel injector pressure as well. ... Naturally the codes came back with every fill up, but once I managed to rev it just a little and put it in gear it would run fine. I was already driving out north, so I decided to chill and get some coffee, ita#39;d been at least three weeks since the last time I saw her, so Ianbsp;...

Title:The Aggressively Submissive Hitch-Hiker
Author:Jake Nikoli
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-02-07


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