The 3-Minute Musculoskeletal & Periphera

The 3-Minute Musculoskeletal & Periphera

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With over 200 techniques available for examining different muscles and joints, it is impractical to accurately remember them all. But now there is a shortcut: The 3-Minute Musculoskeletal a Peripheral Nerve Exam is a clear, concise, and accessible reference for conducting a thorough musculoskeletal and peripheral nerve examination in a clinical setting. With a consistent presentation of each examination technique, this pocket-sized guide is both a tutorial for students and a reference for experienced practitioners. Each examination includes detailed photographs of models with labeled structures, and a standard format that covers: What action the patient performs What action the examiner performs Findings that indicate a positive test What the positive test signifies Covering a comprehensive collection of the conditions for which a patient would seek medical care, The 3-Minute Musculoskeletal a Peripheral Nerve Exam features: Small, discreet trim size, perfect for quick review prior to seeing a patient Extensive use of detailed photographs for each exam A section on the American Spinal Cord Injury Association examination and classification protocols An illustrative tutorial on gait and posture A comprehensive table of clinically relevant muscles and their action, location for EMG/Botox needle placement and nerve/root innervation A quick reference guide to all of these conditions and procedures The 3-Minute Musculoskeletal a Peripheral Nerve Exam will aid in the evaluation of joint problems through physical exam maneuvers and will teach the detection of muscle weakness and the examination of peripheral nerves and reflexes. It is an essential means of quick reference for residents and clinicians in physiatry, neurology, pain medicine, orthopedics, internal medicine, and family practice.;Joint Examinations; Muscle Exams; Reflexes; American Spinal Cord Injury Association Examination; Peripheral Nerves; Gait; Reference Tables; Muscle Tables.;qThe illustrations, diagrams, and tables of the musculoskeletal exam are the highlights of this quick reference. The step-by-step exam explanations are perfect for trainees, providing medical students, residents, therapists, and some practitioners with a great resource. It also serves well as a teaching reference for trainees and primary care providers.A‡ -Susan Hillary Nack, DO (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago), q-- Doody ReviewsInnervation: Dorsal scapular nerve (C5). Note: Manual muscle testing of the rhomboids is not very. Action: Horizontal adduction and internal rotation of the shoulder. Origin/Insertion: Origin: C7a€“T5 spinous processes.Insertion: vertebral borderanbsp;...

Title:The 3-Minute Musculoskeletal & Periphera
Author:Alan Miller MD, Kimberly Heckert MD, Brian A. Davis MD
Publisher:Demos Medical Publishing - 2008-08-13


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