The 2009 Internet Directory

The 2009 Internet Directory

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2009 Internet Directory Web 2.0 Edition Vince Averello Mikal E. Belicove Nancy Conner Adrienne Crew Sherry Kinkoph Gunter Faithe Wempen The Best of the New a€œWeb 2.0a€ Interneta€bat Your Fingertips! A whole new Weba€™s coming to life: new tools, communities, video, podcasts, everything! You wona€™t find these exciting a€œWeb 2.0a€ destinations with old-fashioned Internet directoriesa€band ita€™ll take forever to find them on search engines. But theya€™re all at your fingertips, right here! Carefully selected by humans, not algorithms, here are the Neta€™s 3, 000 best Web 2.0 destinations: amazing new sites, tools, and resources for your whole life! Theya€™ll help youa€b a€c Have way more fun! a€c Build your businessa€b a€c Buy the right stuff, and avoid the junka€b a€c Stay totally up-to-date on news, politics, sciencea€b a€c Be a better parenta€b a€c Go a€œgreena€a€b a€c Get healthiera€“and stay healthiera€b a€c Deepen your faitha€b a€c Pursue your hobbiesa€b a€c Plan incredible vacationsa€b a€c Find the perfect restauranta€b a€c And morea€b much more!Join them for discussion of all things Apple, including iPods, iPhones, and, of course, Macs. SOCIAL ... Join one or more of the greater than 500 groups devoted to Mac users. Find a ... The Mac Usera#39;s Forum is a good place to find that help.

Title:The 2009 Internet Directory
Author:Vince Averello, Mikal E. Belicove, Nancy Conner, Adrienne Crew, Sherry Kinkoph Gunter, Faithe Wempen
Publisher:Que Publishing - 2008-09-03


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