That's Crap and You Know It

That's Crap and You Know It

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The title of this book may have caused you to raise your eyebrows just a little, but since you are reading this, it must have also caused you to pick it up to learn more. But it should cause you to do much more than that. It should cause you and the others who will read these chapters to think, to be concerned, and to act. That's Crap and You Know It: How to Raise Conservative kids to Stand Against Liberalism is a challenge to conservative parents to get active, to get aggressive, and to get busy in order to raise their children to carry the conservative torch into the future. It is the call to imperative action an action to show our kids what we believe as conservatives and why we believe it. The eleven chapters in this book set down what we know to be proven ways to raise kids who are certain and outspoken about their conservative beliefs. Through these pages, parents are shown how to promote political involvement within their kids, to teach them to use their voices in the ballot box and on the courthouse square, and to know the truth about our American history, our heritage, and the conservative principles that have made our nation the greatest on earth. Most importantly of all, this book is a call for parents to empower their kids, to give them license to speak out and to stand up even when the liberal world tries to silence them with lies, name-calling, and an agenda that is vast and powerful. It is, if you will, a call to teach our conservative kids to respond to the liberal progressive agenda with those six little words that say it all qThat's crap, and you know itq.How to Raise Outspoken Conservative Kids to Stand Up Against Liberalism Dee Ann Campbell. One such ... Day after day, as the others students performed the recitation, Kristen simply stood there in silence or recited it in English. It didna#39;t go anbsp;...

Title:That's Crap and You Know It
Author:Dee Ann Campbell
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-04-26


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