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qIn Thank God It's Sunday Bernard Smalls delivers the good news that a serving heart is the key to prosperity. This uplifting parable-based on a true account of a wildly successful car dealership-shows that profit is the applause we get for taking care of our customers.q -Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager and Raving Fans Why read TGI Sunday? Bernard Smalls, a former professional drummer, started his customer service career washing cars in Alaska. That's cold! Today as a corporate trainer he teaches in a fun, motivating way the TGI Sunday principles of excellent customer service. Readers of TGI Sunday are guaranteed to be motivated, inspired, entertained, and enlightened. qIn Thank God It's Sunday, Bernard Smalls delivers an awesome message of true customer service with a new level of excitement and passion. The principles in this book can be applied to any business old or new to help create customers for life! This book is a must read!q -David Martin-New York Life Insurance Companies-Partner, Atlanta, Georgia qI found Bernard's book to provide some really great insight into sales and team building. Really a must read for any aspiring to reach their full potential in either sales or sales management.q -William qBubq Brill-New York Life Insurance Companies-Managing Partner, Greenville, South Carolina qI am a real fan of Bernard Smalls. Bernard is one of the most effective speakers I know. His excellent content and enthusiasm will inspire any audience. Bernard is a real winner.q -Dr. Ken Blanchard qSo many books are related to special systems to make production and profits in a mechanized way that suits and empowers the corporation. This new book of O. Bernard Smalls focuses in on the only real way of having business permanence: the customer. It is the customer that keeps a business alive, it is the customer that creates employment and it is the customer that is the only way to make a profit. 'Wake up corporations and appreciate and thank God for the customer.'q -Peter J. Daniels, Best Selling Author, Millionaire Real Estate Developer, and Australia's Top Motivational SpeakerPeople remember great service, and unfortunately, they remember poor service even more. ... a€œNow take a look at your training manuals. ... of Customer Service explained that an organizationa#39;s ability to maintain a reputation for high levels of service excellence is the key to its ... He then pointed to the next power point screen: No matter what you do in our organization, your job title is Problem Solver andanbsp;...

Author:O. Smalls
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-11-21


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