Texas Stakeout

Texas Stakeout

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New York Times bestselling author Virna DePaul thrills with this story of a killer in waiting and a brother in hiding. Could they be the same person? Dylan Rooney is out of his element. A U.S. marshal and city-wrangler at heart, he must adopt a new covera€”and a new clienta€”in the heart of Texas. The assignment: protect Rachel Kincaid, a widow with a young son who realizes her struggles are just beginning when her ranch hand is killed. Posing as the new ranch hand, Dylan quickly learns that catching a killer may not be so simplea€”especially when Rachel's fugitive brother is the prime suspect. And when the woman he's vowed to protect is the same woman he's falling in love with.a€œDatabases are never closed, a€ Vin said, intertwining his fingers and stretching out his arms. a€œWhat are you doing? ... a€œWea#39;ll check firstone, then the other. Wea#39;ll report back.a€ a€œWhoa, a€ Chris said ... the drug theya#39;d given her. She was still in the tank top and boy shorts shea#39;d gone to bed in and her feet were bare, but she was free.

Title:Texas Stakeout
Author:Virna DePaul
Publisher:Harlequin - 2014-11-01


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