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Texas Prison Break is an action-packed mystery. Forrest Wilson, a Christian has returned to Fort Worth from Walter Reed Army Medical Center after partially recuperating from serious wounds sustained in Afghanistan. Right after his return he has a traumatic breakup with his fiancAce, Elizabeth Young, in her apartment and then has a one-car accident two hours later, leaving him with dissociate amnesia. Although Elizabeth is alive when he leaves her, an unknown assailant kills her, leaving no incriminating evidence behind. A month later a grand jury indicts Wilson for Elizabetha€™s murder. In his unstable condition he pleads guilty and receives a 20-year sentence. In prison he regains his memory and draws close to God. After he has been in prison three years, Elizabetha€™s sister, Mary, tells him she has discovered new evidence that might help him find her sistera€™s killer. To protect her and the new evidence, Forrest decides to break out of prison. During his adventures in the free world he encounters and helps several other Christians that are in different kinds of prisons from the one he has left.Ia#39;ve got a serious problem, and I need to talk to someone I can trust.a€ a€œTalk to your rich boss.a€ After he left her apartment, he drove wildly around the Fort Worth area in a rented Nissan Versa for several hours, until he fell asleep and ran headonanbsp;...

Author:Preston Harper
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2015-05-15


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