Testosterone Transformation

Testosterone Transformation

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A groundbreaking workout and diet plan that replenishes a man's testosterone levels, rebuilds his body, and remakes his life Testosterone is the most crucial hormone in the male body--and every man's T levels begin a slow, steady decline as he ages. The result? Loss of strength and muscle mass. Poor sugar metabolism. Increased body fat, especially around the waist. Loss of T also affects red blood cell production, vitality, bone density, mental acuity, and sex drive. In short: It slowly chops a man down. Testosterone Transformation helps a man produce higher levels of T and reverse the downward spiral. By eating the right foods and adopting a new exercise approach, any man at any age can transform his life by starting a positive chain reaction: Raise T levels through the strategies in this book, improve workouts, get stronger, improve workouts even more, get even stronger, and enable the body to use muscle to process sugar--instead of storing it as fat. Testosterone Transformation is a life-changer: a serious exercise and strategic diet plan that uses the science of a man's own body to help him recharge his sex drive, increase vitality, and reduce health risks across the board.Thata#39;s why you wona#39;t find recommendations on how much weight to lift to starta€” trust us, after one session youa#39;ll learn very quickly ... Before beginning the 12- week Testosterone Transformation program, determine your 1-rep max (1RM), or theanbsp;...

Title:Testosterone Transformation
Author:Myatt Murphy
Publisher:Rodale - 2012-06-05


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