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Those who decide to 'play fair' in the games of life and make an effort to show respect where respect is due walk a fine line. Those who decide that life is a 'Circus Maximus', where bloodshed and pathos are mixed together in equal parts to please an unthinking crowd, walk no line at all. Rather, they cut a wide swath through life and defend their actions by asserting that 'life is cruel' and 'winning is everything.' But what happens when the gladiator feels the sting of the blade, and his blood stains the floor of the coliseum? We shall see.He got out of the Cherokee, moved to the back of the vehicle, and stepped behind his vehicle to get the mail. ... The Jeep behind him had not stoppeda€”it kept coming until it pinned him against the rear bumper of his vehicle and he could feelanbsp;...

Author:Richard Braden
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-03-01


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