Tensile Testing of Thin Films

Tensile Testing of Thin Films

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Five technical papers covering the development of a set of techniques for measuring the tensile properties of thin films are gathered here. Also included are drawings of the mechanical components of the apparatus and listings of two computer programs. Additional necessary parts include a computer, instrumentation, two piezoelectric stacks, and an appropriate platform equipped with a microscope. Piezoelectric stacks are used as actuators. Noncontacting eddy-current displacement sensors measure both the tensile displacement and the force.Closed-loop feedback control allows a variety of test programs. The maximum available displacement is about 50 um, and the maximum available force is about 0.3 N. The resolution of displacement is about 25 nm, and the resolution of force is about 100 uN. Cyclic loading has been demonstrated for cycles as short as 20 s.Also, because of the manual loading fixture, cycle lives beyond 100 cycles were impractical. ... four elements of the present experimental procedures may affect the fatigue strength of these films: the etch in a hydrazine solution; ... 3 Dieter, George E., Mechanical Metallurgy, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1976 , pp.

Title:Tensile Testing of Thin Films
Author:D. T. Read
Publisher: - 1997


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