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q This elegantly written and useful book . . . describes how, for millennia, human beings have struggled to rein in desire.q -USA Today At a time when the fallout from reckless spending and unrestrained consumption is fueling a national malaise, Daniel Akst delivers a witty and comprehensive investigation of the central problem of our time: how to save ourselves from what we want. Temptation reminds us that while more calories, sex, and intoxicants are readily available than ever before, crucial social constraints have eroded, creating a world that sorely tests the limits of human willpower. Referencing history, literature, psychology, philosophy, and economics, Akst draws a vivid picture of the many-sided problem of desire-and delivers a blueprint for how we can steer shrewdly away from a campaign of self-destruction.... some intestine, speaks volumes about the dilemma that is the subject of this book: the challenge of moderation in the face of freedom and affluence. ... Today, with two-thirds of American adults overweight and nearly half of those qualifying as obese, weight-loss surgery is so ... Today the picture is almost entirely reversed, with every state but Utah and Hawaii having legalized casinos or lotteries or both.

Author:Daniel Akst
Publisher:Penguin - 2011-12-27


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