Temperate and Boreal Rainforests of the World

Temperate and Boreal Rainforests of the World

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Temperate rainforests are biogeographically unique. Compared to their tropical counterparts, temperate rainforests are rarer and are found disproportionately along coastlines. Because most temperate rainforests are marked by the intersection of marine, terrestrial, and freshwater systems, these rich ecotones are among the most productive regions on Earth. Globally, temperate rainforests store vast amounts of carbon, provide habitat for scores of rare and endemic species with ancient affinities, and sustain complex food-web dynamics.In spite of their global significance, however, protection levels for these ecosystems are far too low to sustain temperate rainforests under a rapidly changing global climate and ever expanding human footprint.Therefore, a global synthesis is needed to provide the latest ecological science and call attention to the conservation needs of temperate and boreal rainforests.A concerted effort to internationalize the plight of the world s temperate andboreal rainforests is underway around the globe; this book offers an essential (and heretofore missing) tool for that effort. DellaSala and his contributors tell a compelling story of the importance of temperate and boreal rainforests that includes some surprises (e.g., South Africa, Iran, Turkey, Japan, Russia). This volume provides a comprehensive reference from which to build a collective vision of their future. qWhile this book used a global model for delineating the temperate rainforests of the world as presented in Chapter 1, there were some regions that appeared on closer inspection to qualify as rainforest even though they did not make the cut in anbsp;...

Title:Temperate and Boreal Rainforests of the World
Author:Dominick A. DellaSala
Publisher:Island Press - 2011


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