Telecom Today

Telecom Today

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The infrastructural development of the capital intensive telecom sector would require a large number of people. These people would be managers, who need not necessarily be telecom engineers. In fact a large number of them would be from very diverse academic backgrounds, They will have to manage the technology and eventually act as a conduit for the technology to reach the end user. They ought to know more about the manag(~ment and applications of technology rather than the technology itself. Traditionally telecom is a hi-tech subject. Telecom engineers have to study the subject from the technical and mathematical perspectives. This book is for those, who would like to know all about telecommunications, without delving into detailed technical treatment of the subject. At the same time it will be a satisfying update for telecom engineers and professionals. Most books on telecomrnunications have a large technical content. This book deals with concepts which are essential for handling day to day affairs by a large number of decision makers. The technical depth is more than adequate. Its strength lies in the simplicity of appreach and presentation, a non-mathematical treatment of the subject and above all a very wide coverage. The global telecom infrastructure has been presented as a 'seamless system, ' one component leading to the other. The structure of the book flows out of this concept. We have strived to present both analog and digital communications, techniques and their aplications in a straight forward manner. More than four hundred diagrams and a number of product photographs have been used as illustrations. Where relevant, live networks and systems from the Indian context have been used as examples for easy understanding. Clear shift from voice to data and now more recendy towards picture and video transmission has been emphasised and has been the overall theme while structuring the entire book as well as each chapter.This means that one truck is giving service to three different customers requiring to send different items to the same ... Sensitive documents like business deals, trade secrets or tenders if leaked out to the wrong people could cause ... What happens when a truck carrying strawberries and milk cans hits a speed breaker?

Title:Telecom Today
Author:Virender Kapoor, S. Tatke
Publisher:Allied Publishers - 1999-06-25


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