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This excellent publication provides a historical background of the dream of sight/sound extension by electric means and identification of the major participants is given. The book examines the foremost problem delaying the early progress of television and explores how the development of full-colour television by examining the inventions needed to achieve the dream, the people who produced them, the role of the motion picture industry, and more. * Offers both a personal historical perspective of the development of television and an overview of the technology * A unique opportunity to learn of the beginnings of television from one of RCA's pioneering engineersThere would be no further work done on field-sequential color systems by RCA. A press report on a€œcompatible color televisiona€ and its benefits for the industry was immediately released (Figure 12.2), but that ... The first thing we did was set up three small-diameter projection tubes, each having its own lens and appropriately colored phosphor, red, green, and blue. ... industry was translated into convergence as is now universally used in television and computer display equipment.

Author:R. C. Webb
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2005-10-27


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