Teenagers Learn What They Live

Teenagers Learn What They Live

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Parenting by example. Using the simple, powerful message that turned Children Learn What They Live into an international bestseller with over 1.5 million copies in print, Drs. Dorothy Law Nolte and Rachel Harris bring their unique perspective to families with adolescents. Structured, like the first book, around an inspirational poem, Teenagers Learn What They Live addresses the turbulent teenage years, when a stew of hormones, pressures, and temptations makes for such extreme challenges for parents and children. Teenagers addresses popularity and peer pressure (qIf teenagers live with rejection, they learn to feel lostq); the responsibilities of maturity (qIf teenagers live with too many rules, they learn how to get around them./ If teenagers live with too few rules, they learn to ignore the needs of othersq); body image and the allure of cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol (qIf teenagers live with healthy habits, they learn to be kind to their bodiesq). Central to the book are ways for parents to communicate with their teenage children-including how to deal with being qtuned outq and when to start the conversation again-and how to strike the right balance between holding on and accepting a teen's growing independence. Hundreds of examples of parent-child interactions cover everything from the all-night graduation party to problems of sexual identity, providing great guidance as well as effective conversation starters.and, in general, to use us as their sounding boards. ... We may be rushing out of the house or just settling into a nice nap when they decide to open up an important topic of conversation. ... We also need to refrain from jumping to conclusions, assigning blame, or overreacting emotionally before our kids have finished talking.

Title:Teenagers Learn What They Live
Author:Rachel Harris, Dorothy Law Nolte
Publisher:Workman Publishing - 2002-10-14


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