Technology is a Tool to be Used, Not an Outcome

Technology is a Tool to be Used, Not an Outcome

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Do we buy technology in schools without questioning why? How many times have you been amazed by a piece of technology? If you're like me, then quite often! I love technology, I love the way it has changed the way I work, how it has inspired me and how it has enabled me to publish things I never thought possible 10 years ago. Now, let's look at the children in my class, the digital natives. The technology has always been there, they've never been in a classroom without an interactive whiteboard, laptops, iPads or a projector whirring away in the background. But how much of this technology has been used to improve their learning outcomes? Using technology in the classroom needs a complete change in mindset and rethink of your approach to children's learning. This book is a journey through my times in Primary Schools and how I have used technology to improve the outcomes of the children.We then quickly made the leap into making our calculating more efficient by thinking about how arrays worked and how we could multiply the length by the width to find the area. We moved onto splitting irregular shapes into two or threeanbsp;...

Title:Technology is a Tool to be Used, Not an Outcome
Author:Christopher Waterworth
Publisher:Christopher Waterworth - 2014-11-12


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