Technology for Revolution

Technology for Revolution

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a€œTechnology for Revolution: Opportunity for a New Religion and a New Societya€ is a treatise on religious and social reform. It is an attempt to create a route map to a HAPPY, HEALTHY, PEACEFUL, PROGRESSIVE, PROSPEROUS, CREATIVE AND CONSTRUCTIVE world. The book advocates that ultimate social peace and individual mental bliss and freedom cannot be achieved without adopting a spiritual way of life with a sense of justice. It explores the issues with which the human society is afflicted at present and then goes on to suggest a new model of governance and administration utilizing the opportunities made available by the changes in the information and communication technology. The author suggests that the root cause of almost all the sociopolitical issues are linked to the degeneration and corruption in the religious and spiritual values resulting in an overall degradation of the social ethics. It delves deep into the issue of corruption and degeneration of all the religious practices across the globe. It exposes how religious practices have completely abandoned Truth, God and Spirituality and has embraced blatant commercialism in the name of God and faith. It then explores the effects of this spiritual and religious degeneration in the sociopolitical and administrative arena taking examples and references mainly from the Indian society. Having explored the problem and its root cause in detail, the book presents a comprehensive universal and global manifesto for governance and administration applicable to the humanity as a whole. It combines the concepts of social and economic justice of Karl Marx, the concepts of Ram Rajya of Mahatma Gandhi, the concepts of human equality of Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr and the concepts of universal brotherhood and global citizenship. It then blends them all with the spiritual teachings of Buddha, Socrates, Kabir and Osho Rajneesh. The universal and global manifesto for humanity as a whole presented in this book envisions the creation of a happy, healthy, peaceful, progressive, prosperous, creative and constructive world. The ideals and optimism projected through this manifesto might initially appear to be a€œUtopiana€ in nature; however, considering the opportunities made available by the advancements in technology in general and information and communication technology in particular and after going through the detailed explanations presented with every point in the manifesto, a reader may feel compelled to add his own efforts towards the goals envisioned in this book. The innovative solutions suggested in the manifesto eliminates the need to have departments like the anti-corruption, vigilance, election observers, tax collection departments etc. in government and administration and would automatically cleanup the muck in politics and public life. The book also has the potential to generate controversy as it has ruthlessly dissected the commercialism, irrationality and evils in almost all the major religious practices across the globe. The author is aware of the dangerous consequences as a result of his direct attack on the people running their massive business empires in the name of religion; however, he seems to be prepared to face the consequences similar to what Socrates, Meera or Mansur al Hallaj had to face. Considering what Salman Rushdie or Taslima Nasreen had to go through for much more subtle expressions, the author is likely to be inviting a serious trouble for himself despite his pious and altruistic motives behind writing whatever he has presented through this book.The governments at all levels ought to be fully authorized to hire or fire any official for their respective service area. The panchayat, block, district, state or central governments may have their own employees and would frame the service rulesanbsp;...

Title:Technology for Revolution
Author:Mithilesh Kumar Jha
Publisher:Mithilesh Kumar Jha - 2014-03-16


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