Teaching Your Child with Love and Skill

Teaching Your Child with Love and Skill

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Parents of children with autism can often feel out of their depth when it comes to nurturing their child's learning and development. This book helps parents to make sense of the baffling array of educational interventions available, showing how to adapt different strategies to meet the specific needs of their child, including those with moderate to severe autism. Guided by love, faith and unwavering resolve, Joyce Show offers practical advice based on her experiences as both a mother and a physician. She takes the reader by the hand through all the steps of cognitive, social, and emotional development from initial engagement to abstract thinking, and provides straightforward primers for popular interventions such as Floortime and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Parents will learn how to motivate play, build up communication, deal with challenging behaviors, and teach important everyday life skills, while growing in a trusting relationship with their child. This book offers encouragement and guidance to the parents of any child on the autism spectrum whether high or low functioning, as well as the teachers, therapists, family members, and friends who support them.A Guide for Parents and Other Educators of Children with Autism, including Moderate to Severe Autism Joyce Show. I had thrown in ... The dinosaur bumped Peter off of the patienta#39;s chair and settled in, while I handed Peter his instruments. Peter dutifully ... The dentist did a quick swish with his applicator, and Peter was free. ... FUNDAMENTAL STAGES OF SOCIALAND EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT 163.

Title:Teaching Your Child with Love and Skill
Author:Joyce Show
Publisher:Jessica Kingsley Publishers - 2012-04-15


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