Teaching Smarter

Teaching Smarter

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This refreshingly frank handbook shows teachers how to close the achievement gap in their classrooms by teaching students innovative paths to academic success. Drawing on over 20 yearsa€™ experience, Kelley presents straightforward strategies for helping learners improve their grades and test scores and experience greater school engagementa€”all while streamlining the teachera€™s work to yield maximum efficiency. Strategies include team-grading essays, using Socratic seminars and sworn statements, allowing for re-dos, and ruthlessly pruning assignments, among others. Often humorous and irreverent in tone, this guide will be the talk of the break room. Includes online digital content.peer editing, 20, 22a€“23, 24, 30, 92, 100 peer review, 93 relationship with teachers, 31a€“35, 56a€“67, 103, 119, 160, 161 things ... See Teaching assistant (TA) Teacher burnout, 95a€“98 Action Plan, 98, 103 focus on things you can do, 97a€“98, 103 rates of, ... system, 128a€“130 Training, 29a€“30 TRF (tutorial request form), 44, 45 Tutor Appreciation Day, 49 Tutorial request form (TRF), 44, 45 Tyraa#39;s story, 126a€“127anbsp;...

Title:Teaching Smarter
Author:Patrick Kelley
Publisher:Free Spirit Publishing - 2015-04-15


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