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A novel of the Afghan War, authentic, boots-on-the-ground, TATTOO ZOO comes from a veteran of three-plus years in the war--first as a Green Beret, then later years as a freelance writer/photographer embedded with US Army infantry units. This is the story of the courage, camaraderie and sacrifice of the men of the fictional platoon of the title, as these GIs fight a fierce Taliban in a nowhere piece of picturesque real estate called Wajma Valley, while battling a politically correct four-star command determined to prosecute the Zoosters for war crimes or simply leave them in the valley to die.Her Army-issue M4 carbine lying atop it. Ita#39;s all there in the Coin Field Manual: Undressed for war means nonthreatening. Nonthreatening means villagers will be more open. More open means theya#39;ll be your friends. Your friends means theya#39; llanbsp;...

Author:Paul Avallone
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-03


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