Tasty Jesus

Tasty Jesus

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Tasty Jesus deals with key cultural, philosophical, and theological representations of Christ that find expression in the North American church. Each of these respective cameos of Christ has colored the Christological understanding of many believers in the local assembly. We live in a society deeply embedded in a mindless individualism that is more concerned with a malleable Christ that suits their present taste than the Jesus of both the Bible and historic Christian orthodoxy. This book is at once a critique, a call, and a consideration. It is a critique of particular visions of Jesus that are embraced by specific subcultures, philosophical camps, and theological perspectives. It is a call to the local church, both its attendees and leadership, intended to awaken them to the problems with these various portraits in hope of stirring them to respond appropriately. It is a consideration of the primary ideological counterpoints to each view of Jesus, and a postulation of the best manner in which to equip believers in the local assembly to respond to each distortion of Jesus and live under the lordship of the real Christ. It is time to get Jesus out from under the tyranny of our personal tastes!Kindle edition. Cross, Whitney. The Burnedover District: The Social and Intellectual History of Enthusiastic Religion in ... D. The Disease of the Health and Wealth Gospels, 2nd ed. Vancouver: Regent College Publishing, 2006. Kindle edition.

Title:Tasty Jesus
Author:Bryan F Hurlbutt
Publisher:Wipf and Stock Publishers - 2013-10-28


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