Tank Talbott's Guide to Girls

Tank Talbott's Guide to Girls

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Tanka€™s summer is not shaping up the way hea€™d hoped. Ita€™s bad enough that his three stepsisters will be sharing his cramped house for the summer vacation. Then he finds out that he has to work with a math tutor every day and fill a big notebook with his writinga€”just to pass fifth grade! Tank wishes he could just sell his friend Jasona€™s movie script to Hollywood. After all, Tank is Jasona€™s agent. But passing fifth grade is a big deal, too, and soon, inspired by his brothera€™s breakup with Jasona€™s sister, Tank realizes he can fill his notebook writing a guide to girls. It will be a bestseller! Tank has plenty of material to work witha€”his three stepsisters and Jasona€™s strange new interest in Kelly, the Mistress of Evil.a€œI get a math tutor and then I pass sixth grade?a€ a€œAt the end of the summer, your tutor will make a recommendation based on how youa#39;ve done with the assignments and tests. This person will decide whether youa#39;re ready for sixthgrade math.

Title:Tank Talbott's Guide to Girls
Author:Dori Hillestad Butler
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-01-28


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