Talking Politics

Talking Politics

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Those who analyze public opinion have long contended that the average citizen is incapable of recounting consistently even the most rudimentary facts about current politics; that the little the average person does know is taken strictly from what the media report, with no critical reflection; and that the consequence is a polity that is ill prepared for democratic governance. And yet social movements, comprised by and large of average citizens, have been a prominent feature of the American political scene throughout American history and have experienced a resurgence. William Gamson asks, how is it that so many people become active in movements if they are so uninterested and badly informed about issues? The conclusion he reaches in this book is a striking refutation of the common wisdom about the public's inability to reason about politics.Vanessaa#39;s rhetorical question (Chapter 1), aquot;How in the world can something be reversed when wea#39;ve been discriminated against ... In the following example, Evelyn offers a rule of thumb about how to handle intractable fights, and Thomas likens Arab-Israeli conflict to a family feud. Characters: Evelyn, a nurse, in her thirties.

Title:Talking Politics
Author:William A. Gamson
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 1992-08-28


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