Talk Rx

Talk Rx

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Do you say yes when you really mean no? Do you avoid conflict at all costs? Are you waiting for someone in your life to change in order to get what you want? If so, youa€™re not alone. Most people will do anything to avoid the unpleasant sensations that accompany having an honest exchange a€“ even if ita€™s as simple as declining an invitation. But not speaking directly in the short term results in a much bigger problem long-term: hurt feelings and passive-aggressive patterns that stress us out, keep us up at night, and literally make us sick. You might be thinking, Communication? I know how to communicate. Dona€™t be fooled. Communication is simple, but ita€™s not always easy. Many of us learn from an early age to be guarded about what and how we share with others. Few of us know how to pay attention to our body, thoughts, emotions, and values in order to speak from the heart. In this book, Neha Sangwan, M.D., reveals practical yet profound communication tools that will strengthen your relationships, reduce your stress, improve your health, and even save you time. Having treated thousands of patients in one of the nationa€™s largest hospital systems, Doctor Neha discovered a theme: her patientsa€™ inability to communicate often played an underlying role in their illness and how well they were able to recover. Once she understood this correlation, she was inspired to create the simple five-step process youa€™ll learn in this book. Talk Rx will lead you step by step to:Listen to your bodya€™s signals to better manage stressCreate new outcomes with even the most challenging personalities in your lifeArticulate your frustration and disappointment effectivelyTalk to people instead of about themMake agreements that stick a€œIf youa€™re thinking of someone else in your life who could really use a book on communication, a€ says Doctor Neha, a€œlet me remind you a€“ it only takes one person to change the outcome of a conversation. And that person is YOU.a€You can use this template to guide you in getting clear about your part in any situation. ... Scenario 1: Your Friend Is Late for a Dinner Date Without the iFive Conversation: You cross your arms and legs and look away as you begin, a€œ Whata#39;s gotanbsp;...

Title:Talk Rx
Author:Neha Sangwan M.D.
Publisher:Hay House, Inc - 2015-05-05


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