Tales From the Tables

Tales From the Tables

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The hectic, sad, ever so funny, you have to be kidding me life of a waiter and the day-to-day life of survival in the restaurant industry. Learn how to eat free and truly understand what the wait staff is thinking as they approach your table. Wait staff are a lot like first responders. We have to be at the tables no matter what is happening in our lives or even on the planet due to, as I like to call it, the qYou're kidding me, right?q factor. Even in the midst of a global cataclysm, I do not even bother calling work to see if I need to go in today, as I know the answer is always going to be yes. It can be raining bricks and fireballs, deadly hoards of the living dead can be running the streets, killing at will. A nuclear holocaust of biblical proportions can be imminently poised to strike my city, and still I need to show up, uniform and all. Why, you ask me? Because some wicked stupid idiot and his family will show at the tables up to eat.a€œBefore I forget to the lady that sat at my table for six by herself and read a kindle book for three hours. ... After a few months of waiting on these connoisseurs of fine wine, one slow day hit this famed eatery this master of service worked at.

Title:Tales From the Tables
Author:D L Tracey
Publisher:Author House - 2014-03


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