Taking on Iran

Taking on Iran

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The threat posed by Iran to international peace and security is approaching a crisis. After compiling a thirty-year record as the worlda€™s most active supporter of terrorism, Iran seems determined to develop nuclear weapons. In Taking on Iran, Abraham D. Sofaer argues that US policy toward Iran cannot be restricted to a strategy based on the two costly and potentially ineffective options of attacking Irana€™s nuclear program or containing a nuclear-armed Iran. Economic sanctions and ineffective diplomacy have failed to convince Iran to abandon its nuclear arms ambitions. Sofaer explains that the United States should add to the pressure on Iran, going beyond economic sanctions and responding forcefully to Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) aggression, increasing the likelihood that Iran will negotiate in earnest and enabling the United States to engage Iran in the disciplined manner required for success. The author outlines thirty years of IRGC aggression and the corresponding thirty years of US weakness by both Republican and Democratic administrations. Drawing from experience in dealing with the Soviet Union during the Reagan administration, he demonstrates that combining strength and diplomacy is the option most likely to convince Iran to comply with international law without either the war necessary to end Irana€™s nuclear program or the danger in attempting to contain Iran after it acquires nuclear weapons.... 2012), 51 (Takeyh writes, a€œA narrow segment of the conservative clerical elite, commanding key institutions of the state, has fashioned a foreign policy designed ... (2012): MDM12140, http://freebeacon.com/wpcontent//uploads/2012/02/ MDM12140.pdf. ... Wall Street Journal, February 7, 2012, accessed November 20 , 2012, http://online.wsj. ... Kissinger, a€œA Nuclear Test a€œ; Ron Tira, a€œCan Iran be Deterredanbsp;...

Title:Taking on Iran
Author:Abraham D. Sofaer
Publisher:Hoover Press - 2013-07-17


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