Take Charge of Your Money Now!

Take Charge of Your Money Now!

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The book behind the empowering public television speciala€“indispensable advice from the money experts who invest a lot in you! As the storms of confusion and market madness swirl around us and wea€™re bombarded by incorrect and perhaps financially lethal information, we need the calm, steady, informed advice of The Market Guys, Rick Swope and A. J. Monte. Trusted nationwide through their television show, seminars, and podcasts, they bring inside perspective on how the markets work, how to manage risk, and how to survive turbulent times. In Take Charge of Your Money Now!, The Market Guys share their key strategies for helping you control your finances, including a— Managing Risk Is Rule #1 Reduce your risk by diversifying your investments. The Market Guys discuss the different types of investments that readers can pursue, including real estate, bonds, and gold. a— Know the Language of the Markets From a€œstock splita€ to a€œvalue investing, a€ knowing the lingo builds confidence, and confidence builds profits. a— Identify Your Financial Enemies Every day you are surrounded by a cacophony of marketing messages that try to entice you to spend money you may not have. Learn how to avoid some of the most common traps, from credit cards and car loans to store gift cards. a— Invest Without Fear Invest with confidence by figuring out your risk suitability profile, ensuring that you will choose investments that are appropriate for your level of tolerance. a— Emotions Are Your Enemy When it comes to money and finances, our emotions get in the way of what we often know is the right course of action. If you want to take charge of your money, you have to take charge of your emotions. a— Follow the KISS principle Keep It Super Simplea€“a simple plan is easy to create and easy to execute. Complete with illustrative anecdotes, this book is a vital resource for these difficult economic times, a do-it-yourself classic by two take-charge guys. From the Hardcover edition.Credit Cards Zero Percent APR for the First Year The APR is the annual percentage rate, or the amount of interest that you ... The offer of a 0 percent APR for the first year is a marketing ploy to get you to move your balances from other credit cards to a new ... The objective is twofold: first, to encourage you to make a purchase now rather than later and, second, to collect interest from you on the purchase.

Title:Take Charge of Your Money Now!
Author:A.J. Monte, Rick Swope
Publisher:Ballantine Books - 2009-05-26


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