Tag! You're Hit!

Tag! You're Hit!

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Tag! You're Hit is a novel that reaches deep into the sinister underworld of graffiti and real investigative police work.Hate Graffiti? So does this sniper! He hates qtaggers!q Take a wild ride with Las Vegas Homicide Detectives Maria Garcia and Gil Radcliff as they are baffled by a recent wave of graffiti vandal murders and are drawn into a nail biting pursuit of serial killer Ben Morgan. Morgan, a military trained sniper, is a worthy adversary who cleverly covers his tracks, out thinks the police, and by using a myriad of intelligent techniques to throw off pursuit in several other cities is now in Las Vegas.One can't help liking Homicide Detectives Garcia and Radcliff as they hunt the killer and develop more than just a professional relationship.This book will please law enforcement and people who like authentic police/crime dramas. In this case the public can almost condone the killer's attitude toward graffiti vandalsAny other questions or comments?aquot; Good for Dr. ... aquot;You might want to surf through these MySpace and other web sites, aquot; Brown persisted, handing her a folder. ... aquot;Do you have a list of Jeep owners that moved here from Washington, Hewitt?

Title:Tag! You're Hit!
Author:Howard Jenkins
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-05-01


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