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When Ian Fleming wrote Moonraker, he was not working solely from his imagination. In 1945 he had been involved in the formation of T Force, a secret unit of British soldiers who were thrown into a deadly race to uncover Nazi Secrets before they fell in to the hands of Stalin's advancing troops. The force included infantrymen, many of them only just recovered from the ordeal of D-Day, engineers, bomb disposal experts, commandos and teams of expert scientists. In a breakneck pursuit - often entering locations before other allied troops - they uncovered underground factories and nuclear testing sites, as well as defying the ceasefire and carrying out the final advance of the war to capture the Nazi submarine research facilities at Kiel, overpowering 12, 000 fully-armed Germans with only 500 men and a handful of jeeps. In the aftermath of war, T-Force were also involved in the treacherous transportation of scientists out of the the Soviet zone. With exclusive access to previously unseen documents and extensive interviews with the key figures, Sean Longden reveals the story of T Force for the first time - and uncovers Ian Fleming's last Second World War Secret.This was the site to which Wernher von Brauna#39;s research facilities had been relocated following Allied bombing of ... railways sidingsa#39;.31 Shortages of necessary working drawings and wiring diagrams meant that document teams were alsoanbsp;...

Author:Sean Longden
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2009-09-10


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