Systems - Exploration, Culture, and Ecology

Systems - Exploration, Culture, and Ecology

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What would happen if we had automobiles, but no roads? Light bulbs, but no electricity? Our world functions smoothly when systems are in place. Transportation, health care, and education are all organized into systems that we depend upon daily. The Systems Differentiated Curriculum Kit provides exciting activities to help students discover the systems that exist all around them. The books in Prufrock's new Differentiated Curriculum Kits employ a differentiated, integrated curriculum based on broad themes. This all-in-one curriculum helps teachers save planning time, ensure compliance with national standards, and most importantly, pique their students? natural excitement and interest in discovery. By participating in the wide variety of activities in the Differentiated Curriculum Kit for Grade 4, students will discover the systems around them and gain a lifelong desire to learn. Systems Book 2: Settlement, Currency, and Measurement is the second book from the Differentiated Curriculum Kit for Grade 4. In this book, students will discover their hometown history, probability, and climatology (and many other things). Students will learn that systems may provide a way to organize and categorize things. Systems also may provide a common denominator for people to understand topics. Students will explore systems in their everyday surroundings, such as in the formation of the United States, their local history, colonial education systems, money math and history, world-wide money systems, and scale drawings of cave formations and erosion.Differentiation Strategies Knowledge and Skills a€c Demonstration a€c Research Analysis and Synthesis a€c Critical Thinking a€c Draw Conclusions Ethics/ Unanswered Questions a€c Provocative Questions a€c Problem Sensitivity Enduring Understandinganbsp;...

Title:Systems - Exploration, Culture, and Ecology
Author:Debbie Keiser, Sarah Wolfinsohn
Publisher:PRUFROCK PRESS INC. - 2007-07-01


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