System Analysis and Signal Processing

System Analysis and Signal Processing

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Are you looking for: a clear and accessible introduction to 'signals and systems'? a text that integrates the use of MATLAB throughout and provides an introductory tutorial to the software? comprehensive coverage of both continuous and discrete-time signal processing? a book that will be useful for further study? If the answer to any of the above questions is 'Yes' then this is the ideal coursebook for you. System Analysis and Signal Processing provides a self-contained text suitable for students of 'signals and systems' and signal processing, from introductory to graduate level; it also serves as a useful companion for those studying network analysis and communications. Clear explanations and easy-to-follow examples using practical situations help to make this book one of the most accessible on the topic. This is the only book you will need on the subject. Key Features a readable and concise treatment of the essential topics, emphasizing physical interpretations the smooth introduction of relevant mathematics in context a broad subject coverage including sections on spectral estimation, digital filter design, network analysis, transforms, analogue filters, automatic control, correlators and the processing of narrow-band signals practical and straightforward design and analysis techniques examples and problems that can be solved with Versions 4 and 5 of the student edition of MATLAB well-designed end of chapter problems that contribute to the learningprocess FREE solutions manual available to adopting lecturersIt will be noted that the design effort in Example 15.4 using MATLAB is trivial compared with the manual calculations of Example 15.3. ... suitably chosen, we can obtain an exact match in the frequency responses of the analogue and digital filters at a selected frequency. ... Plot the poles and zeros; plot the frequency response between 100 Hz and 300 Hz. Solution The task is the same as that of Exampleanbsp;...

Title:System Analysis and Signal Processing
Author:Philip Denbigh
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 1998


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