Symptoms: The Language of the Soul

Symptoms: The Language of the Soul

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This book is about the possibilities of transforming life from doing to being; the shift of fear to courage, sadness to joy, anger to love, illness to wellness. The basics require you to BE authentic to self, while learning that each person you meet is a mirror reflecting an answer necessary to live life. A symptom can be simple, such as a cold, or as complex as cancer. It is brought on as a message to self that you are no longer living your life. Each symptom is related to a trapped emotional feeling stored in an organ or gland. Low worth enables the emotional feeling to stay in the body, which affects the Energy Field that surrounds us and thus no longer protects us. The Soul has sent a message; first intuitively, second as an illness and finally as a disease. You have the ability to heal naturally as you connect, resolve, forgive and clear the past to become present. Let the Spirit (mind) be the wind beneath your wings, and choose the Soul (heart) as your internal mapping system.... combo tincture contains five herbs that cleanses the liver at a deeper level as well as repairs and is taken after meals. ... A toxin that people are not paying attention to these days is the new efficient light bulb: compact fluorescent (CFL).

Title:Symptoms: The Language of the Soul
Author:Susan Manion MacDonald
Publisher:BalboaPress - 2012-09-13


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