Symbols and Meanings in School Mathematics

Symbols and Meanings in School Mathematics

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Symbols and Meanings in School Mathematics explores the various uses and aspects of symbols in school mathematics and also examines the notion of mathematical meaning. It is concerned with the power of language which enables us to do mathematics, giving us the ability to name and rename, to transform names and to use names and descriptions to conjure, communicate and control our images. It is in the interplay between language, image and object that mathematics is created and can be communicated to others. The book also addresses a set of questions of particular relevance to the last decade of the twentieth century, which arise due to the proliferation of machines offering mathematical functioning.Concrete action is by its nature slow, whereas the swiftness of vision is very close to that of thought. ... The noun a#39;manipulativea#39; is used in North America to refer to certain equipment used in the service of the teaching and learning of mathematics. ... a#39;Apparatusa#39; (whether in a gymnasium, a laboratory or a classroom), on the other hand, perhaps forms part of the setting, and hence may be seen as more neutral ... Are pictures or diagrams drawn on paper to be thought of as apparatus?

Title:Symbols and Meanings in School Mathematics
Author:David Pimm
Publisher:Routledge - 2002-11-01


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