Sworn to Secrecy

Sworn to Secrecy

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Sworn to Secrecy brings to life the 1947 Roswell Incident-the crash and recovery of a craft of unknown origin. The historical novel focuses on real military and political characters and weaves a saga about how their participation in this historical event affected their professional and personal lives. While flying a nuclear bomb training mission, qButchq Blanchard, a colonel in the Army Air Corps, witnesses an object traveling at an impossible speed, almost colliding with his plane. When the craft crashes in the New Mexico desert just outside of Roswell, Butch is placed in charge of the crash recovery and clean-up. Five qhumanoidq bodies are discovered near the crash site, and Butch is suddenly dealing with alien autopsies and technology and is entangled in a massive government cover-up. He spends the rest of his career working with those who orchestrated the cover-up. As he continues to climb in rank and is ultimately promoted to deputy Joint Chief, his career aspirations and the government cover-up clash with his quest to expose the truth. The novel is a story of power struggles, conspiracy and cover-up during the Cold War era. It is set against a backdrop of the dawn of the nuclear age and the influences of the vast military complex that guided the emergence of the world's superpowers. It explores man's need to understand his place in the universe and his drive for self-preservation. Many of the events portrayed in this piece of historical fictional are supported by historical documents included in the novel's final sections. Chet Sapalio studied physics and philosophy, with a focus on general relativity and quantum theory, at the University of Pittsburgh and at the graduate level at Pennsylvania State University. His research has focused on alternate propulsion methods, including warp drive, wormhole creation, quantum tunneling, dimensional shifting and time travel. In 1999, Sapalio produced a documentary for television qConspiracy X - Government Secrets Revealedq after living in Roswell, N.M., for two years and researching the 1947 Roswell Incident.... he felt at home. As they rounded the last turn in the road before Lincoln, an old a#39; 41 Chevy, less its roof and a front fender and full of young Latinos, ... An old Ford pickup stacked with wooden crates was parked in front of the general store. But for the most ... The expedition team got out of their car and, in 124 CHET SAPALIO.

Title:Sworn to Secrecy
Author:Chet Sapalio
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2009-11


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