Sword of Olympus

Sword of Olympus

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The First Book of The Last War of Gods and Men An age of myth and legend, of gods and heroes. And the final struggle, is about to begina€b The fate of three Houses will decide the destiny of nations, and of the world. The House of Perseus, rulers of Mycenae rich in gold, they will turn upon one another in their fight for the right to rule. Outcasts, they will wander the world seeking lost glory. Will Heracles, the scion of this once great dynasty, return it to its former glory, or ensure its downfall forever? The House of Deucalion, chosen by Zeus and the Circle of Twelve to be the last survivors of the Race of Bronze, and to bring order and chaos to a darkened world, they are forced to flee to the shadow of Mount Olympus, as war and treachery tears the Aegean world apart. The House of Pelops, thrice cursed, their undead namesake will seal a deal with the Queen of the Gods, an arrangement that will see his sons Atreus and Thyestes called to take the Lion Throne. Will the curse continue? Or will they overcome the past to replace those chosen by the Gods of Olympus to rule? Behind it all Hera, the outcast Queen of the Olympians, rolls the dice in the game of Gods and Kings, as she seeks to change the ancient world forever. It is a time of blood and betrayal. A time of myth and legend. A time for the Sword of Olympus to rise.Her fathera#39;s sword on her husbanda#39;s private parts, and the threat to remove them permanently, had seen an end to such episodes. It also meant her husband now spent less time with her, or in their bed. She sighed to herself at the stupidity ofanbsp;...

Title:Sword of Olympus
Author:P.M. Hansen
Publisher:Tsaksen Books - 2014-09-22


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