Sweet Secrets in Pennsylvania (Just in Time, Book 2)

Sweet Secrets in Pennsylvania (Just in Time, Book 2)

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In this next adventure, George and Gracie travel back in time to Hershey, Pennsylvaniaa€”1907. Their mission: to return an antique rug and rescue their parents. When the time machine lands them smack dab in the middle of a barn, George turns into . . . something pretty weird. And Gracie drives a car into a fence. They meet Milton Hershey, the chocolate king, who invites them to be his chocolate tasters. But when George and Gracie discover a plot to steal Mr. Hersheya€™s perfecta€”and secreta€”chocolate recipe, they put themselves in danger to stop the thieves. Meanwhile, the evil villain, Crowe, is two steps from catching them and their time machinea€”and he's closing in!a€cThePhiladelphia Zoowas the first public zoo inthe United States and openedonJuly 1, 1874. a€cThe first baseball stadium in America was built in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1909. a€c The Little League World Series started in South Williamsport, anbsp;...

Title:Sweet Secrets in Pennsylvania (Just in Time, Book 2)
Author:Cheri Pray Earl, Carol Lynch Williams
Publisher:Familius - 2013-07-18


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