Swan Song

Swan Song

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Swan Song: The Great Magical Unknowing Elegance emerged from a desire to write an inside story, an autobiography of the dream, muse and odd vision that never quite lets go of our memory. These inner senses from childhood to old age wanted a book, in fact demanded one. I recalled a story about an old, wisdom-woman in Ireland who each morning chose one of her lifetime journals, let it fall open to any page, and then spent her rocking chair days remembering that single day out of her years. Climbing a ladder, I pulled down twenty-five years of dated journals, stacked them on a wooden table, and proceeded to draw out memorable events that I used for Book One of Swan Song, created in New York City. It was becoming a novel with actual events that I had lived. However, something totally mysterious occurred. I began to experience the strangest dreams of my life. Several times a week I would find myself in Medieval Galway, Ireland, in a poor tenement or slum in the loft of Brian. I was telling him that he and his love must leave because bad times were coming. Brian saw me, wasna€™t afraid, believed my words and made plans for himself and his love, Daniela, to immigrate to New York. I dona€™t want to tell readers anything else about the dreams or how they took over the novel and my life as I flew from JFK to Galway to dream the story on location. I have known for a long time that the inner senses control our outer, physical life. Not the other way around. We are taught that what happens during our awake days may become dreams. Wrong. Our dreams come first and regulate our physical days. Many years ago I read a few of Jane Roberta€™s, Seth books. Now, in the midst of Swan Song, his ideas flowered again. Thus, the autobiography, fiction and research novel took on a whole new life and my inside story truly became The Great Magical Unknowing Elegance.After a couple years, the story dreams demanded that she live the narrations, not just write and store them in bound files. ... Ah Gelati, my beloved home, towering above the highest peak in the mighty Caucasus, soaring over the Black Sea, dwarfing ... After touring the glorious Monastery being restored to original beauty of frescoes, mosaics and structural design as well as ... I walk atop the old wall, sit on the edge of the stones, imagining what life must have been like for teachers andanbsp;...

Title:Swan Song
Author:Mali Berger
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-05-23


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