Survive Your Drive: A Survival Guide for Driving in the New Millenium

Survive Your Drive: A Survival Guide for Driving in the New Millenium

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Before the worlds were framed God had a plan for a family. God had all of the angels He had created and the whole of the universe. The angel's minister to Him they are subject to His command acting on His spoken word. The universe is subject to God to perform according to His instruction of its formation. This was not fulfilling to God, something was missing God desired a family of being that was like Him intelligence with a mind He could relate to. God wanted someone He could entrust all of His wonderful works to. God wanted a family He could shower with love, and affection of Himself. All scripture references in this book are from the King James Bible. This book will show God's heart for His family. The preparations He made for them before He created the first man in His image. Like a man and his wife prepare the nursery getting it in order before the birth of the baby they are expecting. You will see the actions God's took to save His man when his disobedience to His commandment, caused separation from Him, and His glory covering. There was numerous times God's family disappointed Him, and He almost destroy them completely. God redeemed His family through His son Jesus Christ, and after His sacrifice to save the family, God gave Him head ship over them, and they became His body. How the Trinity works together to help the family, now the body of Christ to maintain that salvation. You will get to know the role of the body of Christ, here in the earth realm. The main one is to come against the adversary Satan, who temped and caused the fall of man in the beginning, and is still intent on man's destruction.How to check your oil and the location of the oil dipstick, (every type car is different). How to check the automatic transmission fluid and the location of the transmission fluid dipstick. Where the radiator cap is and how to check it. How to changeanbsp;...

Title:Survive Your Drive: A Survival Guide for Driving in the New Millenium
Author:Richard H. Freer
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2003-09-01


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