Survival Manual for the Modern Mystic

Survival Manual for the Modern Mystic

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This metaphysical survival guide is a self-help manual that encourages body, mind, and spirit to leap joyfully into the Golden Age of Enlightenment. Survival Manual for the Modern Mystic answers dozens of questions challenging todaya€™s thinkers about the predictions of the Mayan Calendara€”which is understood to a€œenda€ on December 21, 2012. a€c Whata€™s next? a€c Will there be survivors? a€c How can you prepare and care for loved ones and yourself during the birthing of the New Age? a€c Are all humans going to be at risk at the end of civilization as we know it? a€c How can you be of service to humanity during the transition from the Kali Yuga Age into the Golden Age of Enlightenment? Survival Manual for the Modern Mystic teaches essential metaphysical survival tools for the twenty-first century. Author Linda Silk shares her own experiences and offers practical and spiritual information, as well as reliable approaches, to help you become a successful participant in the new Golden Age. With each chapter, measure your personal growth of body, mind, and spirit. Implement specific survival toolsa€”and find yourself not merely surviving, but instead vibrating with the realization of how loving and powerful you are as a Modern Mystic. Learn how to become the New World and Golden Age change that you have been waiting for. Now more than ever, the Modern Mystica€™s duty is to: think sustainably, act locally, support globally, and respond universally.Still, physical activity must be kept in moderation. It is tough to fulfill higher callings if our physical bodies are overtaxed. Our physical bodies were ... I meant to use a three-letter worda€”fun! Many of us have ... When you have a partner, safe sex in a respectful, meaningful, and loving way is natural for the body. Sex provides aanbsp;...

Title:Survival Manual for the Modern Mystic
Author:Linda Silk
Publisher:BalboaPress - 2012-11-08


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