Support Your Child With Maths

Support Your Child With Maths

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The first day at school is the day when an adventure of life-long learning begins and with a positive attitude your child will learn all the skills needed to equip them for adult life. The first year in school sets down the building blocks upon which all other learning takes place. Supporting your child at home helps to maintain a positive attitude and reinforces the learning that is happening at school. This book, one of a series of four, is written by a mother and experienced teacher, and outlines the techniques used in school in Mathematics, suggesting ways that you can help with learning at home, as well as providing web links to interactive activities.Try to find a clock or watch with a second hand and explain that this goes all round the clock face in one minute. Play games in which your child has to complete things within a minute. a#39;How many bricks can you put on your tower in a minute?

Title:Support Your Child With Maths
Author:Pam Larkins
Publisher:Andrews UK Limited - 2012-05-23


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