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If youa€™re about to get on a plane, what should you doa€”and avoid doinga€”to assure a safe flight? What does it mean if you see an ambulance zoom by? And is a black cat always unlucky? Though we may say we dona€™t believe in superstitions, they have an unmistakable power...and to be on the safe side, most of us secretly knock wood, dona€™t walk under ladders, and avoid opening that umbrella indoors. Broken up into categories such as animals, astrology, dreams, and flowers, this fascinating dictionary will alert you to thousands of beliefs, omens, and proverbs that you may never have known. Herea€™s just a few: a€c A dog hiding under a table means a storm is brewing. a€c To see an image of your future spouse, eat a whole salted herring in three mouthfuls, go to bed without a drink, and say nothing. a€c Scatter ashes over the roof of a house to protect it against lightning. a€c Bringing an axe into the home presages death. a€c When the aurora borealisa€”the colored lights that flash in the northern skya€”appear, spirits are cavorting in heaven and a war is imminent. a€c Eating peanuts before an auto race brings bad luck. Among the many other subjects: clothing, days of the year, food, gemstones, herbs, hobbies, illness and medicine, marriage numbers, plants and trees, professions, and the weather.Diagram Group. SNAKES Dreaming of a€c Dreaming of a snake - unlucky. Meeting a€c Meeting a snake and letting it live - bad luck. ... Snail cures a€c To cure warts, stroke a€c To cure consumption, them with a black snail eat snails mixed in the beforeanbsp;...

Author:Diagram Group
Publisher:Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. - 2008


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