Superior Texas Hold'em

Superior Texas Hold'em

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This is a complete, comprehensive Texas Hold'em book. It is far, far more analytical of the subtleties of a specific form of Poker, Texas Hold'em than the usual poker books. It doesn't just claim you can win at poker, it provides the skills needed to dominate the game. Any table, any opponent. Pros don't play with a game plan, they understand the game better than amateurs. Reading this book is like playing 500, 000 hands of Texas Hold'em because it explains it all. Well worth the investment at ten times the price. Read and profit from it. NOTE: There was a card corruption in the latest version with the new custom cards (the ones with skulls) in the PDF starting at page 60ish. It did not raise alarms when uploaded. I'm sorry Google didn't catch it and neither did I. If you paid for a pdf book with corrupted cards please show me your receipt and I will personally send you one with the old cards until I can get the latest SNAFU corrected. The current PDF has the old cards. You can get the epub version, which works on lean pub but for some reason Google won't approve, elsewhere... NOTE2: I resolved the problem no help from Google. The current version has correct cards. ISBN: 9780993819704Evolved Poker Strategy Dave Erickson JP Grebenc. The most important math concept for Texas Holda#39;em is pot odds. Pot odds relies on the comparison of the likelihood of you improving your hand versus how much money is to be won if you call. ... Once you have the two numbers in percentages then you simple compare them. If Pot % is less ... If the pot percentage needed to win is less than the odds to draw to the hand, then youa#39;re getting more value than the money it will cost you.

Title:Superior Texas Hold'em
Author:Dave Erickson
Publisher:Evergent Technologies - 2014-06-01


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